Everyone’s An Artist, and We’re Here to Prove It!

“I’ll just do it then,” said the Little Red Hen. And she did. So can YOU! We specialize in guiding people of all ages and skill levels through the world of art and creativity. We offer open studio, classes, camps, and parties in acrylic painting, mixed media, crafting, DIY Home Decor, and sewing.

We offer fabulous and unique parties for kids and adults – just pick your date and time and we will do the rest!  We offer this at our studio location or at your place through our mobile art service. Its always the perfect time to create and celebrate, so come inside the coop to explore your artistic side.

Head Hen

Jennifer is the creative force in the coop. She has a BFA in Graphic Design and is exploding with fun and creative ideas. She’s a mural artist, designer, hand painted furniture artist, and a genius at crafting and sewing creations! She’s our head hen, the main classroom teacher and party guru.

Direct: 720-938-9876

Our Mobile Team

We have a complete team of creative instructors who are ready to instruct an amazing art party at your location or ours! Check out our team:

Anna Brangoccio

Jill Goodman
Jill is an awesome artist and creative force. She enjoys helping people escape the pressures of the world through creating. Whether it is a hands on preschool painting or a creative ladies night out, Jill is always excited to get her hands dirty and make something special. Jill holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Two Dimensional Design and is currently pursuing a Masters in Counseling to become an Art Therapist.

Erica Haghiri
Erica is a talented artist with a BFA in graphic design who enjoys every type of art and is constantly creating. Whether it is painting, drawing and playing with typography, putting together found-object creations, mixed media collage, designing jewelry, or sewing she loves it all! She has always believed that everyone is an Artist and is determined to help kids and grown-ups find and maintain that creative piece of their soul that believes anything and everything is possible!

Courtney Kraig

Julia Sorensen

Ann-Noel Spencer

Susan Vallier
Susan is a mom of two who has always gravitated towards art and creativity. She has a BA in music and communications from the University of Denver. Susan has an addiction to Pinterest and has been overheard exclaiming “I can make that, and that and that” after falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole. She enjoys pulling together ideas and her own creativity to create unique and beautiful art in and outside of her home. As a professional photographer, Susan carries her third “baby” on trips across Colorado and the United States. Her home has an extensive collection of travel photography. Sharing art. photography and music with children is Susan’s passion.