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Little Red Hen Studio is a unique creation location or “maker studio” for arts, crafts, sewing, mixed media, wood sign making and all things creative and crafty! Our focus is on kids, but not to worry – we bring out the kid in adults too! We offer drop in / drop off anytime creating (no appointment needed), classes, camps, workshops, birthday parties, adult parties, fundraisers and special events. We guide and teach various art techniques and assist each creator through their project emphasizing their own creative ideas, imagination and self-expression – not every project needs to look the same! Art is more than just a pretty picture, it is about communication, problem solving, critical thinking and learning basic techniques to fully express your inner artist boosting your self-esteem and reconnecting with your soul. Creativity has no age limit or skill level, nor do you need to be an “artist” to make a beautiful project. If you think you are not “artsy” we are here to plant the seed of creativity and watch it grow. Our mission is to CREATE!


Little Red Hen opened in July 2015 in Lakewood, CO inside a darling little white building with a bright red door. It was lovely, quaint and a perfect place to start. Thinking it would be a cute little neighborhood studio we soon realized our business was taking off and with the help of Belmar Retail district, we were able to move to a more visible and larger (4500sf!) space. Since moving we have been able to offering anytime drop in creating, more adult options, grow into new mediums and even create our own products. Our long term goal is to open additional studios in Colorado, offer more after school programs and color the world with creativity!



Jennifer Winslow – Founder & CEO

I am a chronic creative, and can not remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a big idea or creative drive to “make something”. After earning my BFA in graphic design I began my career as an art director for a large promotion agency and eventually a baby product company. That’s when my love for children’s products began. Once my older son was born, I decided to open my own children’s retail store and mural company. Two children and many craft shows later, I landed a contract position with a mobile paint and sip company. Through that company, I developed an after school arts program and began working with children becoming the “children’s birthday party guru.” The joy children experience when creating is amazing, and this joy hit home for me. My son, Owen was having some behavior problems at school and at home, and I noticed something interesting. When he was watching TV or on his iPad, he could become very agitated – but when he was drawing, building or creating he became focused, calm and engaged. Through the after school program, I saw this to be true with other children as well. Creating from the soul, creates joy like no other and children tap into a place that we as adults have forgotten. As I built my business, I also noticed that once adults had broken through the barrier of “I’m not creative” they too were able to tap into a creative place within themselves that brought joy. Thus…a seed was planted…and Little Red Hen was born.

Jill Goodman – Studio Manager and Creative Instructor

Art has the power to transcend culture, socio-economic status, and age. It has the ability to transform individuals and the world around them. It has a way of accessing the deepest parts of the soul and heal us. I love watching people get excited about creating and experiencing the joy of the process. After obtaining a BFA in Film Photography, I found myself in the real world of responsibilities and began working in art galleries, small businesses, and later corporate America to earn a living.  After years of living life in the black and white of surviving, I was relieved to be laid off from a corporate job. It was around that time that I found Little Red Hen Creative Studio and reignited my passion to create. I am currently working towards a Masters in Mental Health Counseling at Colorado Christian University dreaming of utilizing expressive arts in counseling to help children, adolescents, and adults thrive in life.

Jessica Pinto – Marketing Director & Fine Arts Teacher

We were born creative for a reason and when we experience creating something in freedom and no fear, we connect with a very special part of ourselves. Having earned a double Bachelor’s in Business Management and Communication & Advertisement, along with a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & Social Networks, I started a non-profit called CHOKI which mission is to support traditional arts from ancient cultures. It’s been an incredible experience to work with artists from all over the world and appreciate the value of art as a story teller of our history. I’m a flamenco dancer, a baker, and a self taught oil painter; all to me different forms of creating art. I remember the day when I walked into Little Red Hen Art Studio and feeling like home, a place where I can experience art to the fullest. Whenever I listen “I never thought I could do this” or see a big proud smile, that’s when my heart fills up with joy and feel grateful for being part of this amazing team of art warriors!


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