Kids Classes

Each week we offer art classes to different age groups:

Lil Peeps (age 3-5), Kids Create (age 6-12), Teens Create (age 13-18) and Adult. These classes are available for single class purchase or drop in. The projects vary, but each class is fully guided by our Creative Instructors and are age appropriate. To register or RSVP, click here.

Lil’Peeps: Our Lil Peeps class is designed for preschool aged artists. Each class is 1 hr 15 minutes and begins with an art project suited to their age group. During the mid point of the class (drying time between stages of the project) we will have story time! Then, we finished up the project and complete the artwork by gluing a hanging ribbon to the top. Your little creative can take home the project and show it off to family and friends. This class is guided by one of our creative instructors, and parents are welcome to stay for added assistance throughout the project, or may drop off for the 1 hr and 15 minute class duration.

Kids Create! This class is designed for school-aged children and parents are welcome to drop off their child for the time frame allotted for the class. The project selected is age appropriate according to their skill level and we guide them through a 1 hour and 30 minute to 2 hour class. We also offer this service to our local elementary schools in the Jefferson County school district as well as in-studio, after school hours. Students are welcome to sign up for either location when the classes are posted, or drop in during open studio hours to create the selected projects for that day.

Teen Create! These classes are much more advanced for budding young artists. The class lasts 2 to 2.5 hours (parent drop-off suggested) and the projects are much more in-depth and more closely resembles our adult class but with hands-on instruction. Our teen class is offered after regular school hours and occasionally on weekends and Friday Night Pizza and Paint nights.