Having a cohesive team that works and plays well together is important to ANY business. We offer a unique team building experience that we can not only customize for your business, but provide a fun, creative experience that will be sure to get your team talking and working together! Choose from one of our 3 options and get your team ready to Create and Celebrate!

Collaboration Project
Its a mural for your office! Each staff member creates a small portion of a large painting. When all paintings are put together, it creates one cohesive project that can then be hung inside your office location for all to see! We custom design the artwork specific to your profession, or decorating theme.

Cost: $36/person
Minimum: 10 participants

Musical Chairs Project
It’s painting musical chairs! One painting design is chosen, then each person begins their painting by following our guided step by step instruction. After a certain point, everyone moves to the
right and places their artistic talents on the next canvas. At the end, they each have a work of art where everyone on their team contributed to its success. Sound familiar?

Cost: $34/person
Minimum: 10 participants

Standard Project Creating
If you are looking for an opportunity to just get together, socialize, have fun, and be creative. This option is our standard team building package. You pick the project or have a project custom designed for your team ( $25 art fee). Join together and we’ll guide you through the process, enjoying  and bonding with your team members.

Cost: $30/person
Minimum: 10 participants


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