Each month, we host multiple special events at our studio location or in the community through our mobile service. Listed below are just a few of our reoccurring special event descriptions. To find a public special event to attend look through our monthly calendar and book HERE.

Parents Night Out! Mom’s and Dad’s need time to reconnect and refuel their relationship! Bring your kids (age 5+) to our studio and drop off for 2.5 hours of creating, crafting, and fun while you go out on a date! There are many wonderful restaurants right here in Belmar, so no need to drive to another location. Cost includes arts and crafts, snacks and maybe even a little karaoke.

Date Night: Looking for an interesting twist on date night? Join us on date night and create a “couple’s” project that fits together, or one large project that both of you havre a hand in.

Family Reunion: If you’ve been looking for a fun place to host a family reunion, we can create one large group project that fits together like birds of a feather! Or each family member can create an individual project. Creating together brings joy, conversation and engages each family member in teamwork!

Evening With Angels with Trenny Simmons: Nationally known, natural-born psychic medium Trenny Simmons has been featured on KBPI, KOSI, Lifetime, ABC, NBC, Fox 31 and Katie Couric for her psychic abilities. Her work as a medium connects clients with loved ones who have crossed over which provides peace of mind and answers to many deep-ceded and unresolved issues in her client’s lives. She is a wonderful friend of Little Red Hen and frequently offers group reading sessions at our studio location. Prior to her arrival, attendees will bond over a crafting project. When Trenny begins her session, it is her goal to provide each person with a reading.